A fabric panel is mounted to a motorized roller tube and housed in a headbox or ceiling pocket. This design can be mounted into a drop ceiling, hard surface ceiling or installed as an outside mount. The product width runs from the wall to approximately the middle of the hallway, and ceiling to floor. The units are staggered from side to side of the hallway running the length of the hall. The finale size and number of units is determined by the width, length, and number of access doors in any given hallway. 

Before & After

The wireless control of the shades can be regulated by the administration, building security and staff. Entire buildings can be coordinated to activate all the screens to drop into protective position simultaneously. The panels can be in a full deployment in less than one minute for the entire facility.

Unlike many alternate systems, i.e. roller shutters and folding gates, personnel are not exposed while operating the system.  Individual sections and units can be operated independently so security can expose areas for “all clear” approval.

*Patent Pending